Our mission

A waffle house in the heart of the community; passionate about finding innovative and intentional ways to tackle loneliness, isolation and exclusion by encouraging cross-community interaction.

Our vision

At its core, the vision is two-fold and encapsulated in our trading name ‘Waffle’.

Our vision is to create and serve the highest quality, fresh liege waffles along with local and freshly-made coffee, cakes and juices. We also want to to use ‘Waffle’ as a community hub to forge unlikely friendships across the community of Axminster and help to combat loneliness and isolation through the intentional and creative use of waffle.

Our values

We are not for profit

We’re an organisation where 100% of the profits go back into the community of Axminster.

We are not in a rush

We want to be intentional about creating and hosting a space where there is time to talk.

We are not fussy

We’ll take anyone and we want to lower as many of the barriers as we can that prevent people from forming unlikely friendships right across the community.

We are not normal

We want to think outside of the box and have a sense of humour when it comes to finding ways to give people the excuse to come together as a community.

We are not staying silent

The rise in loneliness and isolation really bothers us and we refuse to sit back and watch it destroy lives. We want to do whatever we can to fight it.