Our in-house menu centres around our freshly-made Liège Waffles.

What most people would describe as Belgian waffles are usually Brussels Waffles; made from batter and often piled high with an array of sweet or savoury toppings.

However, the Brussels Waffle has a lesser-known brother – the Liège Waffle. Named after another city in Belgium, this waffle is made from a dough rather than batter and is incredibly popular in Belgium as street food, either on its own or with modest toppings.

We spend four hours every day making our Waffles from scratch using our secret recipe (developed by one of our Directors and her Belgian Nan!) so we know our Waffles are as good as they can be! We also make
dairy-free and gluten-free versions for those with intolerances.

Now every waffle needs something to wash it down with and we have just the thing. If you want to go hot, we’ve got local Clipper Teas and Crankhouse Coffee beans as well as our own Belgian Hot Chocolate.

If you’re in the mood for something cold, we have developed a core range of juices, smoothies and shakes all made by us from scratch using fruit from our local market!

See the Main Menu and Breakfast Menu below. Make sure you check out the second page of the PDF as well!